Breitbart's John Nolte: “All of a sudden all these black people are getting awards”

Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow: “One of the main characters [in The Glass Menagerie] is a disabled girl,” and “now I am doing this revisionist history where I'm thinking, was this an affirmative action hire?"

From the January 18 edition of Sirius XM's Breitbart News Daily:

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ALEX MARLOW (HOST): Last time I was in New York, I saw a production of The Glass Menagerie on Broadway by Tennessee Williams, and one of the main characters is a disabled girl, and it was played by a disabled person who was unbelievable in the role. And now I am doing this revisionist history where I'm thinking, was this an affirmative action hire? Was this someone who was given the job for simply being disabled? Why do I want to think that about this wonderful actress who did this wonderful portrayal? 

JOHN NOLTE (BREITBART EDITOR-AT-LARGE): Yeah, that's another thing, and this is another thing with the Oscars so woke. You know, the next year, all of a sudden all these black people are getting awards and I am not saying that that's not overdue, but in the back of your mind you think to yourself, well, is someone just trying to compensate? Is someone just trying to avoid criticism? And that completely takes away from the success of these actors. And that's a terrible thing. Affirmative Action is a terrible, terrible thing, what it does and the way it makes you look at people. 


FRANCES MARTEL (BREITBART NATIONAL SECURITY EDITOR): I just want to chime in as the only person here of color. I mean, I've had the thought sometimes of like did they hire me because I am Hispanic? Like, is that -- and so it's not just what it does to the people watching from the outside, it's what it does to the individuals who work hard to get into whatever industry they want to get to. You start questioning yourself. 

MARLOW: What a good point. 


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