Breitbart's Curt Schilling Says Sen. Warren Made “A Complete Idiot Out Of Herself” Speaking Out About Jeff Sessions

Schilling Continues To Discuss Possibility Of Running Against Warren In MA Senate Race

From the February 8 edition of’s Whatever It Takes:

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CURT SCHILLING (HOST): And if you weren’t paying attention, Elizabeth Warren got put into a time-out last night, in front of the Senate, for being an idiot. And it’s what I’ve said from time -- the time it started, generally I see – you see a lot of people running for office will step out and -- early, to get name recognition and I don’t know that I really need to do that in Massachusetts from a campaign perspective.


And you’ve got to understand something: people need to remember the role of a senator, a senator has nothing to do with local policy, meaning the governor is fiscally responsible for the state of -- finances and the budget and all the things that go on in Mass. A senator is someone who is supposed to take the Massachusetts constituent’s concerns to D.C. She’s not doing that, she’s taking her own, radically left liberal agenda to the floor and making a complete idiot out of herself and it’s embarssing.


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