Breitbart's Curt Schilling Hypes Conspiracy Theory That Dozens Of People Associated With The Clintons Have Died Mysteriously

Schilling: You Can't “Expound On That ... Because Then You're A Conspiracy Theorist”

From the October 28 edition of WRKO's The Howie Carr Show:

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CURT SCHILLING: I grew up in Arizona, so when I think back on my life, I can think of like, maybe one or two people in my life that died unexpectedly or under weird circumstances. But the number of people associated with the Clintons over the years that have been disappeared and been killed or died is, like, in the forties or fifties. At some point, somebody has to say, “you know what? Maybe it's not a coincidence that you disappeared after” -- It just reeks of -- people don't want to expound on that, but for a citizen, it looks -- because then then you're a conspiracy theorist. “Oh that's just -- you're going here, and you're going there.” Well, at some point, people need to say, “well, yeah, they actually do add up.” And so, I'm of the mind, and you've been in that world a long time. Her spider web is so big and so wide that everybody around her realizes if she goes down, she will not go down by herself.


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