Breitbart's BigGovernment making up more stuff about SEIU assault case

This exercises is becoming increasingly tedious and approaching pointless. If Andrew Breitbart uncovers any actual news in regards to the sad, forgotten tale of Kenneth Gladney, and specifically how the White House directly ordered his beating, than by all means post that information under yet another hysterical headline. But this garbage-in/garbage-out stuff that BigGovernment is now posting is just a waste of everyone's time.

But for the record, BigGovernment today thinks it's a big deal that Media Matters paid close attention to a police report in connection with the ACORN videotape in Philadelphia in September, but Media Matters (i.e. my blog post today) isn't nearly as interested in the police report BigGovernment posted in connection with the Gladney case.

Since Breitbart and company play dumb like it's an Olympic spot and can't figure out why one police report is more interesting/telling than the other, I'll spell it out. The report in connection with the Philadelphia story revealed new information. The Gladney police report, however, does not.

Quite a concept, right?

The Philadelphia police report, in and of itself, undercut the ACORN haters' claim that nobody at the office had a problem with the undercover pimp and prostitute shtick. The police report, in and of itself, revealed new information that added context to the then-unfolding ACORN story, which is why the police report, in and of itself was considered newsworthy. And that's why CNN reported on it, for instance.

The Gladney police report by contrast, doesn't add a single new fact to the already-dusty story. That's why, by definition, it's not news.

Question: Did anybody at BigGovernment ever practice journalism? Like even for their high school newspaper?

UPDATED: BigGovernment claims Gladney was the victim of a “hate crime.” What's the proof for that? I assume Breitbart's minions understand that's a legal term. So what's the evidence a hate crime was committed since, y'know, nobody's ever been charged with a hate crime in connection with Gladney.

I think Breitbart's crew just like the one the phrase sounds, so they use it whether it's accurate or not.

UPDATED: Whatever happened to the civil lawsuit that Gladney was going to file against SEIU? Won't Breitbart pick up the legal fees for that Gladney adventure? And won't Andrew-I-am-Kenneth-Breitbart at least give Gladney some money so he can get his old martyr-like website back up and running, since it appears Gladney's attorney/agent won't pay the bills?

UPDATED: Priceless BigGovernment prose:

Let me guess: Some assaults are more equal than others.

Um, yeah. That's why we have what are called first, second, and third-degree assault charges, which is a way for law enforcement officials to differentiate the magnitude and severity of certain types of crimes. In the Gladney case, which BigGovernment now covers like it was the Kennedy assassination, two SEIU members were booked on the lightest possible third-degree assault charges, and could face 15 days in jail and a $500 fine.

Did I mention this exercise has become pointless?

UPDATED: To read a complete, detailed dismantling of BigGovernment's endless Gladney conspiracy theories, go here. Talk about a stinging smackdown. Ouch.