Breitbart's “Big Journalism” embarrasses itself over soccer game conspiracy

Earlier this week, Rush Limbaugh and several conservative blogs ran with what was easily one of the most asinine anti-Obama conspiracies in recent memory :

Yesterday, Cat Corben published an investigative report speculating that the President lied about attending his daughter's soccer game this past weekend.


To recap: Corben claimed there were no soccer games at the field. There were. Corben claimed the field is in a high crime area. It isn't. And Corben suggested that nobody from the press saw Obama at the game. They did.

Today, several days after the “story” had been thoroughly debunked, Breitbart's Big Journalism is still on the case.

In what is currently the “Featured Story” at Big Journalism, contributor Ron Furtrell uses the soccer game conspiracy as evidence that the media needs to “Grow some and stand up to this guy [Obama].” Later in his “open letter” to the media he writes:

Two cases in point. Obama ditching the media last Saturday for what he said was his daughter's soccer game. You might think that, since he's the president, he can do whatever he wants to do, but for decades presidential protocol has been to have the media travel with the president wherever he goes. (It's called “covering the body.”) The inquiring minds in the media suddenly don't care much that the president “dissed” them and that there was no soccer game scheduled and it certainly would not have been at the address given by the presidential staff. Where was the president during that time? I guess it's none of our business. Dear Leaders don't have to report to anybody, certainly not to this media. For a day or two the media might whine a bit about Barack, but they'll soon forget as their love and devotion takes over.

Wow. If Furtrell had bothered to read the article he linked to, he may have noticed that its author, CBS' Mark Knoller, called speculation about Obama not actually attending the soccer game “Conspiracy Theories.” In the headline. Knoller also completely debunked them:

It shouldn't have happened, but it did. There's no reason not to believe the president was at the soccer game. In fact, my CBS News colleague, producer Jeff Goldman, just happened to be driving by Fort Reno Park in northwest Washington on Saturday morning and noticed the unmistakable black suburbans that are often part of the presidential motorcade. He parked his car, walked over the field and ended up about ten feet away from Mr. Obama watching the game.

Big Journalism.