Breitbart walks back smear that “Community Organizers Pray TO President-Elect Obama”

On September 29, embedded the following video with the headline “Shock Discovery: Community Organizers Pray TO President-Elect Obama.” The video includes includes captions such as “Deliver Us Obama” and “Hear Our Cry Obama” suggesting that the crowd was “pray[ing] to” Obama. However, later included a different version of the video without the captions and with an Editor's note acknowledging that “there is a debate over what is actually being said” and the crowd may in fact be saying “O God” rather than “Obama.”

These are the captions in the video Breitbart originally embedded on his site:

Hear our cry Obama

Deliver us Obama

Later on September 29, posted the following Editor's note, underneath a longer version of the video that does not include the captions.

Editor's note: We've updated this post with the longer version of the original event. As you'll see in the comments and related links there is a debate over what is actually being said. Does the crowd say, “Hear our cry, Obama” and “Deliver us Obama?” Or are they saying “Oh God?” In the longer version the first two repetitions seem to have a distinct “uh” sound at the end that resonates as “Obama.” The later repetitions are a little fuzzier. Did some of the religious leaders present become uneasy? Or was there a mix of what was being said? Read some of the blogger analysis below. What do you think?