Breitbart takes credit for conspiracy theorists Laura Loomer's and Jack Posobiec's sophomoric troll stunts

From the November 9 edition of Sirius XM Patriot's Breitbart News Daily:

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ALEX MARLOW (HOST): What's happened with the Vice-President Mike Pence and actress Mila Kunis is quite interesting. She revealed, I think it was on a late night show, that she's been making donations to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence's name so that Mike Pence gets a thank you note. This is the sort of stunt smear that is -- Hollywood congratulates itself for but it really alienates a lot of people. Mila Kunis largely [is] pretty likable, I think she is at a very high approval rating, but what's interesting, John, the backlash, is that she's the spokesperson for Jim Beam bourbon, one of the biggest bourbon producers out there. I don't think their target demographic of bourbon drinkers are people who donate big to Planned Parenthood. This has caused a major firestorm. Now the latest development is that there's a “boycott Jim Beam movement.” And beyond that; now the pro-life groups are getting activated and they're making donations to pro-life causes in Mila Kunis' name. This just seems like another self-inflicted gunshot wound to the collarbone by a Hollywood elite. How could she be this dumb?

JOHN NOLTE: Because she's bubbled and in the bubble, and it's the same bubble that pretends George Clooney is a good director and movie star, and within the bubble, she's going to be applauded for this. But what I think is even better, to me the bigger story when I read about this, not just the attack on Jim Beam but the fact that people are making pro-life donations in Mila Kunis' name.

MARLOW: Yes, make it positive --

NOLTE: You know, our side; when you and I first started working for Andrew Breitbart, 10 years ago, our side didn't do stuff like this. We just sat there and took it. We just sat -- Someone did this and then we wrote a blog post and we got mad about it and then we moved on. But now we're fighting back, and you see this over and over and over again where it's the right that is -- it's the James O'Keefes out there, they're pulling sort of what Andrew called the “merry prankster” stunts. And that's what he wanted, he was the guy on roller skates, going in and out -- 

MARLOW: Right; it's activism, it's community organizing, it's all the things that the left has dominated for years and that we've over the last ten -- have wisened up a little bit.

NOLTE: Yeah, we -- And, I think Breitbart News has a lot to do with that, and Andrew has a lot to do with it, because we trained people. You know, we blew people up that did stuff like this and said, “hey, this is awesome.” And Andrew did stuff like this. And just over last decade, our side just reflexively does it. Like those guys that ran on stage, on the Trump-killing play that was put on in New York and they ran on stage and they stopped the play. I love that stuff. And this is another example of that, and that's effective, it's an effective thing to do. The goal, hopefully, is to get the other side to sue for peace so they stop. But if they don't, we can play just as well as they can now, and we're smarter than they're, and we're right, they're wrong.

MARLOW: Yeah. They're going to have to call for a truce or else we're going have to fight fire with fire. 


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