Breitbart Still Cannot Articulate A Critique Of NPR

And the search goes on.

Ever since Monday and the release of the undercover video that captured a NPR fundraiser making some disparaging comments about the Tea Party movement, I've been waiting to see or hear a coherent critique of the public radio broadcasting network in terms of someone detailing the sins of its journalism.

Conservative critics clearly want NPR defunded and they publicly base that desire on the fact that NPR is supposedly so biased and treats conservatives, and especially the Tea Party, so badly.

Okay, fine. Prove it. Prove that the attacks on NPR have anything to do with the journalism in produces.

But so far it's crickets.

In the meantime, what Media Matters has done this week is detail the very generous, fair and professional coverage NPR has extended the Tea Party movement; coverage that even Tea Party leaders think has been fair.

So again, what have been NPR's sins?

Writing at the Huffington Post today, Andrew Breitbart tries to rationalize the right-wing attack on public radio. But alas, his effort is somewhat incoherent: NPR was targeted because other news organizations last year reported that Democratic members of Congress said they were called the N-word by Tea Party members. (Got that?)

What's telling is nowhere in his piece does Breitbart point to a single instance of NPR being unfair to conservatives or the Tea Party movement. Not one single example.

What's clear this week is that far-right partisans have embraced an all-consuming hatred for NPR. What's less clear is why.