Breitbart runs bizarre defense for Lucian Wintrich after he assaulted a woman on-camera at his pro-whiteness speech

Video showed Wintrich assaulting a woman at his “It's OK to be white” event after she took some papers from the lectern 

Breitbart's editor-in-chief Alex Marlow ran defense for far-right troll Lucian Wintrich after Wintrich was captured on camera assaulting an attendee of his “It's OK to be white” speech -- inspired by far-right message boards that wink at white nationalism. Wintrich, the White House correspondent at far-right conspiracy blog The Gateway Pundit, was shown in multiple videos physically attacking a woman who took some papers from the lectern following the speech at the University of Connecticut last night. He was subsequently arrested and charged with breach of peace. Marlow bizarrely argued that Wintrich's assault on the woman was “at least some form of self-defense” -- though the video footage shows the woman did not engage physically with Wintrich whatsoever -- because the woman “stole his property.” From the November 29 edition of SiriusXM's Breitbart News Daily:

ALEX MARLOW (HOST): Last night on the internet there was this video going around of this speaker, a guy named Lucian Wintrich. Those of you who read a lot of news online. He writes at Gateway Pundit. He's this gay guy -- he's of this group called Twinks for Trump. You guys can Google it or don't if you want to know exactly what that means. But he was giving a speech at a college campus, and what ended up happening is that there was the speakers attempted not to let him speak. It's a -- these far-left protesters shut down the speech. And what ended up happening is the -- the speech was titled “It's OK to be white.” And I think it was at the University of Connecticut. I think that was it. Yeah, at UConn. 

And there was a very strange moment where one of the left-wing protesters attempted to steal his speech, or they did steal his speech. And then he went up behind them and kind of grabbed them and then took his speech back, and then he ended up getting arrested. And or -- it's the sort of thing where you have this scenario now at college where not only can a right-wing person not speak -- they're not allowed to speak publicly to a group of students, even a guy -- it's just one guy. He's a blogger for Gateway Pundit. And this is not a big threat to leftism as we know it, even if you're a far leftist. He's not allowed to speak, and then they actually steal his stuff. 

But I was equally alarmed by some of the reaction by the establishment media that attempted to portray it as though he was assaulting this left-wing activist who stole his stuff. She literally stole his property. She literally stole his speech, and then he went and took it back, which I think is at least some form of a self-defense or at least this is how it appears online. And then he got arrested for it. So there's video of it and then it was being portrayed as this is some sort of brutal attack by a right-wing radical. It was -- his stuff was stolen. And then I'm seeing people who were even allegedly somewhat right of center going nuts over this. And while the guy is getting shouted down, he's getting called a Nazi.