Breitbart radio host attacks CNN's Kaczynski for noting there's no evidence of Muslim “no-go zones”

Raheem Kassam: “Until [Andrew] Kaczynski corrects the record, he’s pro-female genital mutilation, he’s pro-ghettoization, he’s pro-gang crime, he’s pro-female oppression, he is pro-Sharia law. He is doing the bidding of Sharia supremacists.”

From the January 11 edition of SiriusXM Patriot's Breitbart News Daily:

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RAHEEM KASSAM: This isn't me going 'hey, I've done this great, great mitzvah, this great service for the world, why won't you pay attention to me.' This is the evidence backing up against liars like Andrew Kaczynski at CNN. And we cannot stand for it. The reason we can't and shouldn't stand for it is the subtitle of the book, “How Sharia Law Is Coming To A Neighborhood Near You.” And if you want that to happen, and if you want female genital mutilation, sorry I know it's early, if you want ghettoization, and poverty, and high crime rate, and all of the things that come along with these no-go zones then you deny they exist. So until Kaczynski corrects the record, he's pro-female genital mutilation, he's is pro-ghettoization, he's pro-gang crime, he's pro-female oppression, he is pro-Sharia law. He is doing the bidding of Sharia supremacists.


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