Breitbart radio guest: The left is criticizing Roy Moore, but “they’ve been saying ‘love is love’ for years”

Breitbart editor-in-chief also suggests another Moore accuser lied about her age: “What if we find out [Corfman] wasn't 14? What if we find out that she's older?”

From the November 20 edition of SiriusXM Patriot's Breitbart News Daily:

DAN GAINOR: The media want to say, “Roy Moore stands accused.”


GAINOR: Remember, go back to the original Washington Post story. There were four women cited in that. Three of them were of legal age.

MARLOW: Right.

GAINOR: And if the left -- the left is the one -- they've been saying “love is love” for years, which means anything goes between -- at least one hopes-- consenting legal people. So that immediately means the Post larded up their story with allegations from people who were of legal age to undercut him to basically make it seem like the other case is more credible. Well, which is it? Is it “love is love,” in which case you're not going to go around reporting anything that crazy liberals do, you won't show us how bad the gay pride parade is in San Francisco, et cetera. Or are you really going to say anybody who dates somebody who’s 16, even if it's legal, they're a creep --


GAINOR: -- and we're going to go after all the people in Hollywood, all the people in sports and media who do bad things. No, it's a completely messed up double standard. They want to destroy anybody on the right and use whatever club they can get to do it.

MARLOW: Yeah, and here's the lay of the land here, is that we’ve got -- I guess it's now five women who have accused Judge Moore of something. Three were of legal age, and nothing illegal was alleged. The one woman who came out with Gloria Allred, she sounded credible when she spoke, but you need to comment on this, Dan, I'm pretty convinced this yearbook was at least tampered with, if not outright fabricated. And then –and not to mention she's with Gloria Allred, who is seen -- everyone just sees “liar” the second Gloria Allred's out there. So -- and she's not coming forward and proving that the yearbook's legitimate. 

So that leaves the one -- we're down to the one accusation again of someone who we haven't seen do a public interview, and she said she was 14 at the time. If she proves to be credible, then yes, this is a something that should not be in the past of a United States senator, if he really did touch children, but what if we find out she wasn't 14? What if we find out that she's older? What if we find out that she does not seem credible? We need to have this story get its fair hearing, and we don't need to have this thing where the left just declares guilty until proven innocent. And not even just the left, Mitt Romney said exactly that, by the way. So the Republican establishment is throwing in, is complicit with all this.


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