Breitbart editor-in-chief: Sexual assault allegations against Trump are just “a political ploy”

Alex Marlow tries to diminish severity of assault accusations against Donald Trump

From the December 12 edition of SiriusXM Patriot's Breitbart News Daily:

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ALEX MARLOW (HOST): The biggest heckle of the day yesterday was joking that -- And let me pull up the exact headline, but they joked that the Trump accuser women are going to have to come forward again next week. Here's the exact headline: “Trump sexual assault accusers announce they'll try coming forward again next week.” And it shows a picture of the women with sad faces, this from Brave New Films. We mentioned them on the show yesterday because they've gone after -- they're funded by [George] Soros -- they've gone after the Koch brothers, and Walmart, and Fox News. This is a left-wing group to push an agenda. 

And they've got these women, and I saw two of the three accusations. One was that the woman -- Donald Trump asked for her phone number. The other one was that Donald Trump invited her to first class and I guess put his hand on her leg, and it's all of these things that are -- we've heard before. We litigated it in 2016. I'm not sure if they're the best moment of the president's life, but they're certainly far from what we're hearing from the Harvey Weinstein class, and it is a political ploy designed to try to diminish and undermine this president, again, per usual. 


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