Breitbart editor-in-chief: Reports that Roy Moore molested a teenage girl are “a politically coordinated attack”

From the November 13 edition of SiriusXM Patriot's Breitbart News Daily:

ALEX MARLOW (HOST): All right, enough fun. And then we got to go back to work. And the work is Judge Roy Moore. Very interested to get your thoughts on how this thing is going, because the more this saga goes on, the more this story goes on -- I know people are paying close attention to Breitbart's coverage, which we're grateful for -- it does look more and more like this does seem to me like some sort of a politically coordinated attack on Judge Moore. And I want to be very crystal clear about this: if Judge Moore inappropriately touched underage girls that it is a massive problem, if it can be proven. And if it can be proven -- well it's a problem if it's either way -- but is -- if this can be proven, then as I said on Friday's show, Judge Roy Moore should not be United States Senator.

Now, if no one can prove it, you have to wonder about everything else. First of all, we poked a couple holes in The Washington Post story. I encourage you to read [Breitbart writer] Aaron Klein's reports that came out over the weekend. The mother of Roy Moore accuser: Washington Post reporters convinced my daughter to go public. Basically, they got talked into giving this story to The Washington Post. And that's something that is -- it's interesting. The fact The Washington Post really put the effort in to track down these women and try to convince them to come forward, tell their story. Why did they want them to come forward? Because they just love good journalism? You guys believe that? That's why the Bezos-Post, why they asked these women to come forward? Because they wanted a great scoop? Or do you think it was really because they're trying to destroy the judge by any means necessary? I'll let that hang out there. You guys can give me your answer.


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