Is Breitbart busy wiping the egg off his face?

See, this is what happens when radical, right-wing partisan try to practice journalism. More times than not, they end up making fools of themselves. Because they have no idea how journalism works, nor do they care. And sure enough, became a laughing stock today when, driven by its blind hatred of Obama, the site claimed to have uncovered a video of community organizers praying to Obama.

Obedient right-wing bloggers then piled on, openly mocking a group of mostly African-Americans as they gathered in prayer. That's right, today's GOP Noise Machine, when not attacking school kids, sets aside time to ridicule people in prayer. (One right-wing site accused the organizers of “blasphemy.”)

The punch line came when some sane people outside of Breitbart's hate circle actually watched the video and realized that the community organizers who gathered (nine months ago, BTW), weren't saying “Obama,” but were saying “Oh God,” which is typical when people are in prayer. In other words, Breitbart posted a video mocking a group of activists while they prayed to God and asked for guidance. Breitbart completely smeared the community organizers with an entirely trumped-up charge.

He bungled the audio when the whole point of the gotcha video was the words chanted on the audio. If the community organizers weren't saying “Obama,” which they weren't, than the whole smear falls apart. Which it has.

Andrew, please tell us again how you're going to single-handedly re-invent conservative journalism. Because if this is what you have in mind, it's gonna be a laugh riot to watch.

UPDATED: Clueless right-wing bloggers are still touting Breitbart's misguided hatchet job (i.e the “shocking video”), even though Breitbart's site admits it has no idea what people are saying on the video.

UPDATED: Like I said, so much for conservative “journalism.”