Breitbart blogger (and ex-L&O actor) Michael Moriarty: 9-11 and Oklahoma City were inside jobs

A frequent contributor to Andrew Breitbart's websites said he believes that the September 11 attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing were inside jobs, and suggested he'll feel “comfort” when President Obama is killed.

Appearing on the radio program Deadline Live in February 2007, Michael Moriarty, who played assistant district attorney Ben Stone on Law and Order, was asked by host Jack Blood if he believes “that 9-11 had fingerprints of [an] inside job.” Moriarty responded with his “theory” that before 9-11, President “Bush talked to the Bin Laden family in Riyadh” and said he needed “probable cause” to invade Iraq; the “Bin Ladens,” in turn, told Bush that “we'll give you probable cause.” When asked if he had any doubt that the Oklahoma City bombing was an “inside job,” Moriarty replied: “None! There were two seismic reports of explosions, there were no federal -- there were no children of federal employees in the building at the time in the daycare center, and the ATF were nowhere to be found.”

Moriarty's 9-11 and Oklahoma City views aren't the Breitbart contributor's only controversial remarks. On Deadline Live, Moriarty said he believes as “fact” that Presidents Clinton and George H.W. Bush were running illegal guns and drugs, and laundering money out of Arkansas. Moriarty has also castigated Islam as “evil” and a “Gestapo.”

Writing for Breitbart, Moriarty likened Obama to “Robespierre” and added, “The only comfort is that Robespierre eventually had to face his own favorite solution: the guillotine.” Discussing politicians and abortion, Moriarty wrote that Roe v. Wade “is worldwide suicide. Legalizing murder ultimately means legalizing your own assassination.” Moriarty has also written that a “Spirit of Evil” “owns” Obama -- who “dwarfs the endless lies of Hitler, Stalin and Mao” -- and that “Red Islam” has “invaded” the country through the president.

Despite housing Moriarty as a contributor, Breitbart and his websites have castigated 9-11 Truthers and those who associate with them. Media Matters has documented Breitbart's apparently non-existent vetting of its contributors.

Breitbart's Moriarty: Oklahoma City was an inside job

On the February 6, 2007, edition of Deadline Live -- then on Genesis Communications Network -- Michael Moriarty appeared with host Jack Blood to discuss a variety of conspiracy theories. Blood, who currently airs his anti-government program on RenseRadio Network, provided audio of his program to Media Matters upon request. In 2007, Blood issued a press release about Moriarty's appearance headlined “Michael Morarty, Emmy/Tony Award Winning Actor says OKC and 9/11 are 'Inside Jobs,'” which was subsequently posted to several 9-11 Truth websites.

During the program, Moriarty first claimed that the Oklahoma City bombing was an inside job by the Clinton administration. When asked by Blood whether there was any doubt in his mind that it was an “inside job,” Moriarty replied: “None! There were two seismic reports of explosions, there were no federal -- there were no children of federal employees in the building at the time in the daycare center, and the ATF were nowhere to be found.” The Oklahoma City bombing discussion:

BLOOD: Let's -- let's just go right to this. You wrote something very interesting about the Oklahoma City bombing. And I want to read just a paragraph or two of what you wrote, and then I'll have you comment on it.

You say, as a former district attorney -- well, as a guy who did four years of moot court before the American public on the TV series Law and Order -- I always look for a motive first, and a suspect second. Who benefited from the bombing of Oklahoma City and the federal building? The day before the Oklahoma City bombing, the Clinton administration's approval ratings were at 22 percent, one member of the White House press corps asked the president if he didn't think it was irrelevant, and went on to say that it wasn't.

Who benefited from the Oklahoma City bombing in your opinion, Michael Moriarty?

MORIARTY: Obviously the Clinton administration. They shot up to 62 percent approval ratings, and stayed there. Janet Reno kept her job, the ATF kept their department, the whole Clinton administration benefited from that awful nightmare. That's why it smells like a Reichstag fire.

BLOOD: Yes, it does.

MORIARTY: And now that the evidence that there is Islamic involvement in the setting up of a bombing, there was Islam, and uh -- [inaudible]

BLOOD: Michael --

MORIARTY: Suspects in the area at the time.

BLOOD: Michael, this is a fact. Now, of course, we have traced these Muslims as part of the Iraqi paperclip, where George Bush brought a lot of these guys over to the United States. And I think this is why they covered it up. I had a chance to ask Janet Reno this once, what happened to the footage outside the Murrow Building the day of the bombing. She denied knowing anything about security camera footage. They are obviously trying to cover-up what could be John Doe #2 as Al-Hussaini.


BLOOD: And why do you think they're doing that?

MORIARTY: Well, they're in such deep lies. The level of lies those two families have put together over what will prove to be 24 years of progressive presidency, because America will have no more right to say no to Hillary Clinton as president than they had to say no to Roe v. Wade. You have no choice, because indeed, it's run by the New World Order.

BLOOD: Have you seen the evidence of the Oklahoma City bombing that the bomb appeared to be blowing outwards, and not inwards, that there were news -- mainstream news reports that bombs were going off all over the building. That the BATF was called and told not to report to work that day. Is there any doubt in your mind that this was an inside job?

MORIARTY: None! There were two seismic reports of explosions, there were no federal -- there were no children of federal employees in the building at the time in the daycare center, and the ATF were nowhere to be found.

BLOOD: How diabolical is that, to, to pull off something like this where there are children in a nursery that you sacrifice for your overall agenda. I mean, how evil is that, Michael?

MORIARTY: As I said, when the human race turns into a jungle, with the capacity of humans for evil, it makes the natural jungle look like a zoo. And a friendly place to be. The evil in the world has never so culminated as in the beginning of the third millennium.

Breitbart's Moriarty: 9-11 an inside job

Immediately following his views on Oklahoma City being an inside job, Moriarty pushed the theory that President Bush spoke with the “Bin Ladens” prior to the 9-11 attack to get “probable cause” to invade Iraq. Moriarty's 9-11 discussion:

BLOOD: Do you believe, and you've written about this as well, do you believe that 9-11 had fingerprints of inside job. And we talk about motive, and who benefits from 9-11. Who, in your mind, benefited from what happened on 9-11?

MORIARTY: Well, my theory is that Bush talked to the Bin Laden family in Riyadh. The Bin Laden family, they hire the Pentagon to the Bushes, to protect their own holdings. They hired them to protect, you know, the first war, in the Persian Gulf. Now they said this Hussein is just off his beans. And he could threaten a war with Saudi Arabia. And we don't want him around. So finally finish the job, Bushes. Well, George Jr. says, I am not going into Iraq without probable cause. I need probable cause for my soldiers -- are vulnerable. There's gotta be a war. It cannot be --

BLOOD: Thus we had a new Pearl Harbor, Michael. This is exactly what the Project for a New American Century said we needed in order to create our presence in the Middle East.

MORIARTY: So with the Bin Ladens saying don't worry, we'll give you probable cause. And one of their own relatives pulls this off. And so George has probable cause. And to finish the job. Which he finally did, but the probable cause, and the job to finish, is find Osama Bin Laden! Haven't done it since!

An October 11, 2006, piece on -- Moriarty said on Deadline Live that the website is “my own creation” -- made similar claims. The piece is written by “Michael Adams”; a note on Moriarty's website states that “Michael Adams” is the “spiritual descendant of the second President of the United States, John Adams” and adds, “The name ADAMS, however, is vitally important to remind Americans how prophetic and now utterly needed is another ALIEN AND SEDITIONS ACT.”

The piece, headlined, “The New World Order, Reichstag Two-Step,” states that 9-11 was a “Reichstag Fire” incident, which “Michael Adams” explained as Hitler, in order to “SHORE UP Germany into his FIST, had set fire on Germany's own Reichstag Building and then blamed it on a Socialist.” The piece repeats similar claims by Moriarty about the Oklahoma City bombing, and goes on to claim that “I guarantee you, there will be another” Reichstag fire incident for Hillary Clinton:

The Clinton/Bush, Third Way, Pax Americana has already, and SUCCESSFULLY, pulled this “two-step” off TWICE!

Once with the Oklahoma City Federal Building, which virtually SAVED the Clinton Administration from its 22 % approval ratings - “Aren't you irrelevant,” asked one of the White House Press of President Clinton, JUST before the Oklahoma Murrah Federal Building Bombing ... no wonder President Clinton was so calm when he heard the question (it's AMAZING how calm a human being can be when he or she KNOWS the tragedy that's about to happen) and for a SECOND TIME, the “Reichstag Fire Two-Step” was ordered to happen again with 9/11!

The Reichstag Fire?

Adolf Hitler, to absolutely SHORE UP Germany into his FIST, had set fire on Germany's own Reichstag Building and then blamed it on a Socialist.


So, here we are, still dazed and staggered by BOTH these Reichstag Fires, and, I guarantee you, there will be another.

With Hillary Clinton's fall in approval ratings?

Oh, my God, when that happens to the leaders of the New World Order, all hell breaks loose. They just MUST come up with another Reichstag Two Step.

I expect, somewhere in New York State ... it may not be Manhattan again ... that's too obvious ... and Ms. Clinton is Senator of the whole state, so the next DISASTER can happen ANYWHERE in New York State.

Boy, she'll go riding to the rescue with even more conviction, preparedness and connections than Giuliani did with 9/11 or Bush did with Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans, with FEMA, ALL THE CHARITIES, FIRE AND POLICE ... boy, will she SHORE UP the bleeding wound in New York State FAST!!!

Winning her Presidency will be a SLAM-DUNK!!

Breitbart's Moriarty: Clinton and Bush were running illegal guns, drugs and money laundering out of Arkansas

Moriarty also claimed that Presidents Bush Sr. and Clinton were behind illegal guns, drugs and money operations out of Arkansas. Blood asked Moriarty (4:18), “You agree with me, and the research that I've read, and we've talked to Mr. Nichols, who had intimate knowledge of all of this, who worked with the Clinton campaign, that both Bush Sr. and Clinton were running drugs and guns and laundering money out of Arkansas, you agree with that, Michael Moriarty?” Moriarty replied, “Absolutely. It's fact.” Moriarty added that there's a case to be made that Vince Foster wasn't murdered, but rather killed himself because he realized how “evil” the Clintons were.

Moriarty began by discussing Hillary Clinton allegedly running the Justice Department and ordering a “hit” on Waco.

Similar claims about Clinton and Bush running illegal arms and drugs have appeared on Moriarty's website.

Breitbart's Moriarty: Islam is “just evil ... a Gestapo”

During the program, Moriarty also called Islam “just evil. Allah the God is no more than a Hirohito of Japan. Kamikaze Japan. The same intent, the same beliefs, the same nightmare, an ethic without the golden rule.” Blood responded to Moriarty by saying that “you have to be careful ... not all people who practice Islam are bad.” Moriarty didn't back off, responding, “Sir, the God himself -- when you get bitten by a rapid pit bull, you don't talk to the dog. You talk to the owner, and the owner is Allah.” Moriarty added that “Islam is a Gestapo” and “the terrorist organization of the New World Order.”

Breitbart and co. castigate 9-11 Truthers and those who associate with them

Despite using Moriarty as a contributor, Andrew Breitbart has castigated 9-11 Truthers -- people who believe 9-11 was an inside job. In a September 7, 2009, column, Breitbart criticized the “mainstream media” for not investigating former White House green jobs adviser Van Jones: “His racist rants, his radical background and his membership in a 9/11 'truther' group made for heavy-rotation YouTube viewing that would have immediately destroyed other mere mortals if the shoe were on the right - or white - foot.” (Van Jones has stated that 9-11 Truthers “put my name on some abhorrent, crazy language they never showed me, I never saw”; Jones added that he believes “9/11 was a conspiracy by Al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden, and nobody else, trying to hurt America.”)

Breitbart added that his “ editors ... led the charge” in pushing the Van Jones storyline. Breitbart, ironically, also criticized the White House, asking: “Who vetted this guy? How did he get past the FBI? What did he say, and how did he answer the infamous seven-page questionnaire that all Obama appointees were required to fill out? Inquiring Freedom of Information Act minds want to know.”

Moriarty's colleagues at Breitbart's websites have also criticized Van Jones as a 9-11 Truther. Big Hollywood, which frequently publishes Moriarty, has called Jones the “Truther/Czar.”

Moriarty's bizarre, violent anti-Obama writings on Breitbart's websites

Moriarty's 9-11 and Oklahoma City views aren't the actor's only controversial remarks. Moriarty is a prolific writer of long, rambling, and bizarre posts on Breitbart's Big websites. Moriarty is frequently published on Big Hollywood, and has contributed to Big Peace and Big Government. He began his Breitbart blogging in November 2009, writing that he “said yes to Andrew Breitbart” and offered “a most heartfelt tribute to the growing Breitbart enterprises and trust that our combined efforts will indeed help to pull us all up ... and out of the post-Reagan quicksands we are now drowning in.”

The following are some of Moriarty's writings on Breitbart.

Moriarty suggests he'll feel comforted when Obama is killed. Moriarty likens Obama to “Robespierre” during the bloody Reign of Terror, and adds, “The only comfort is that Robespierre eventually had to face his own favorite solution: the guillotine”:

The Bush Family are Progressively for the "Immigration Reform," New World Order or, as Bush Sr. rather imperialistically called it, the Pax Americana.

Barack Obama now plays Robespierre to all of the would-be but very bipartisan Revolutionaries.

The only comfort is that Robespierre eventually had to face his own favorite solution: the guillotine.

Death as a solution to almost everything.

The “Progressives”, both the Clintons and the Obama Nation, are as certain as both Danton and Robespierre were.

You can learn from the French Revolution what such threateningly violent certainty could lead them to.

That would be our new, Progressive guillotine: mutually exchanged, retroactive abortion or “Purge”.

Better known in America as unexplained deaths.

“Red Islam” has “literally invaded our Holy of Holies!!” through Obama. Moriarty:

The Communist Jihadist movement, or Red Islam as I call it, will, indeed, roll over America.

It already has!

With a President Barack Hussein Obama?!

Red Islam has literally invaded our Holy of Holies!!

God, our God, Jehovah, let them do it!

“A Spirit of Evil” “owns” Obama, who's using “death” to enact a “Progressive New World Order.” Moriarty:

What we are facing in terms of Evil, however, demands that we collect around these divinely gifted souls, worship with them and listen to God's Will for us.

A Spirit of Evil is not only moving across the land, but owns the very halls of power we are most vulnerable to.

It is an Evil so great that only God knows what to do with it.

Ahab and Jezebel and their 21st Century counterparts, the Clintons and the Obamas, have ruled American infanticide for two decades. They intend to expand the use of death as a solution to the “problems” and “challenges” of a Progressive New World Order.

Because the United States has resigned itself to legalized abortion and the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision for 37 years, the Progressive Disease that now possesses the land will not be stopped.

The “Progressive New World Order!” dwarfs the “lies of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.” Moriarty:

It is profoundly Judeo-Christian, and, with 5,000 years of its existence, this spirit will inevitably triumph.

After waiting until the Progressive Jihadists are fully assembled and as cocksure as Adolph Hitler in Paris, the Judeo-Christian Spirit, “under God,” will not only walk the land, but, piece by piece, disassemble every single creation of the Progressive Movement.

The Progressive Disease will collapse from within.


It is a lie.

The grandest lie that ever sought to own and run the human race is the Progressive New World Order!

It actually dwarfs the endless lies of Hitler, Stalin and Mao.


The depth of its treasonous hypocrisy.

The Marxists have taken over all branches of government. Moriarty:

Beyond just defending ourselves, however, and because the enemy has so infiltrated America that not even the White House, Congress, The Supreme Court and the Press are sacred anymore. Those checks and balances are gone. The Marxist Majority hold sway over everything!

“The Obama Nation's vengeful enslavement of traditional America, as payback for slavery, is purely the Devil's doing.” [Link]

Obama is “just plain evil.” Moriarty writing on

The insolent face of Obama, Mussolini-like, is beyond elitism.

It's beyond even the megalomania oozing out of every pore.

Beyond insanity.

It is just plain evil.

However, we are the original and soporifically evil ones.

Our acceptance of Roe v Wade for 37 years?!

We fought a Civil War to overturn Dred Scott.

How many lives must be lost to do the same with Roe v Wade?

“Legalizing murder ultimately means legalizing your own assassination.” Moriarty writing on

There are still illegal forms of slavery and there would still be illegal forms of abortion, but the entire meaning of the Judeo-Christian Civilization would be saved by the overturning of the Roe v Wade Decision.

With murder again forbidden, not only would we return home but the Progressive, Red Islamic, New World Order enemies of Western Civilization would be put on probation if not actually ostracized like neo-Nazis.

Unless that is done, however, nothing that our Glenn Becks, Paul Ryans and Sarah Palins can do to cut Progressivism and the Obama Nation down to size will survive long enough to make any major difference.

Until Roe v Wade is ended, there won't be any discernible drop in the tempo of our fall into the complete fulfillment of 1984 ... and its inevitable aftermath, which is worldwide suicide.

Legalizing murder ultimately means legalizing your own assassination.