Are Jonah Goldberg and Andrew Breitbart still denying tea party swastikas?

Just curious.

Because you'll recall when Rep. Nancy Pelosi mentioned that some health care mini-mob members this summer were showing up with Swastikas and other Nazi symbols, both Breitbart and Goldberg instantly branded Pelosi a liar. There was no way right-wing activists would ever be spotted brandishing that kind of Hitler nonsense.

Indeed, conservatives journalists themselves spent an awful lot of time during the Bush years condemning any liberal activists who dared bring out the Bush-is-a-Nazi charge. (Very fringy and non-serious.) But now the tea party movement seems to be drowning in the unhinged Nazi stuff, pundits like Breitbart and Goldberg, instead of condemning the idiocy, chose instead to deny it.

That was in August. If any doubt remained about the right-wing's suddenly love of all-things Nazi, the tea party rally in Washington, D.C., this weekend, as well as corresponding ones around the country, probably put that 'debate' to rest.