Anthony Scaramucci: Breitbart chief Steve Bannon has white nationalist “tendencies”

From the September 22 edition of ABC's The View:

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JOY BEHAR (CO-HOST): What was [Breitbart head and former White House chief strategist Steve] Bannon's worst quality, in your opinion?

SARA HAINES (CO-HOST): He's scary.

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: Well, I mean, Steve -- his best quality is he's a great speech writer. He's got a great linguistic skills. You wouldn't have to proofread him.


His worst quality, to me, was that he had a little bit of a Messianic complex. He got very mad at me for going to Davos, Switzerland to speak at the World Economic Forum, which was sanctioned by the communications team. But because he's an anti-globalist, and he was hitting that economic forum at Breitbart for so many years, that put me in disfavor with him. And so, people have Messianic complexes, they think they're the answer. They think they're the solution. And, what we know about our country, and we know about our government, thank God, it's set up a system of checks and balances where it has to be a collaboration.


SUNNY HOSTIN (CO-HOST): People also say he's a white nationalist.

SCARAMUCCI: Is he a white nationalist? He has --

PAULA FARIS (CO-HOST): Do you want to go to commercial, or do you want to answer that?

SCARAMUCCI: No, no, we don't have to go to commercial on that.


Well no, I would say that he has those tendencies. If you read Breitbart, there's a lot of that white nationalist economic fervor.


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