Trump lawyer Boris Epshteyn on New York fraud ruling: “This is an attack on America”

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Citation From the February 16, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

BORIS EPSHTEYN: What this is is an attack on America, it's an attack on the American system of justice, on the New York system of justice, and on New York and American businesses. Nobody is going to want to do business if a rogue, corrupt AG with a crooked judge can then come in, use a never before used for this purpose statute and attack the deals where everybody is happy.

The banks testified, said they were happy, they all made plenty of money, they wanted President Trump, he was seen as a whale of a client. They wanted him, they pitched him the business, gave him the loans, they got paid back, and they were happy and satisfied and so were the insurance companies. This is nothing but a Biden directed witch hunt.