Woodward breaks out the tarot cards

As noted by Sam Stein over at the Huffington Post, Bob Woodward appeared this past Sunday on the Chris Matthews Show where he waxed cryptically about scandals the Obama Administration will undoubtedly face in the future:

“This may be tantalizing but vague,” said the Washington Post scribe. “I don't think the nanny or household tax problems and so forth are over for the Obama administration...”

Matthews pressed ever so slightly for more information, but Woodward did not oblige: “I say it's not over.”

It was the type of gossip ginning, insider reporting that makes D.C. journalism what it is. But it wasn't without a glimmer of irony. Earlier in the week, Matthews had shut down similar banter on Hardball when the New York Daily News' Liz Benjamin noted that the unconfirmed rumor mill was saying that Caroline Kennedy had an “affair issue.”

“Well, how about let's stick to journalism,” Matthews said, over her. “I don't do that here, Liz. Liz, if it's just blogging, let's drop it, OK?”

Of course Matthews would never traffic in unsubstantiated gossip. Change may have come to Washington but it still hasn't hit the press core when it comes to issues like this – unless of course you consider the White House press core awakening from its Bush slumber.