Bob Woodward, late to the game again

This reminds us of when Beltway sleuth Woodward waiting like two years before he announced to the world that he'd been sitting on a Libby Scooter scoop. Thanks for that Bob.

Now, we hear (thanks to Drudge hype) that Village elder Woodward apparently had nasty things to say about Hillary Clinton as SoS while taping one of the weekend talk shows. Y'know, after word leaked that it was a done deal.

Writes Josh Orton at MyDD under our favorite headline of the week, “Woodward: Concern Troll”:

Spare us.

Look, the Clintons are certainly big players in the Democratic party - not really surprising given that Hillary's a Senator and that Bill is, you know, a former President.

And a huge amount of the Clinton's public image is a media creation, fabricated disproportionately from a crowd of celebrity journalists that have lived and breathed DC for decades.

Do I think the Clinton's are perfect? No politician is. But I do think Hillary Clinton will make an excellent Secretary of State. I also have complete confidence that the man we elected President doesn't share the Village's view of an administration as a huge, real-life game of Risk.