Still waiting for Bloomberg News to update its 'Obama Bear Market' reporting, cont'd

The Dow is now up more 1,000 points since Bloomberg published the March 6 White House take-down, "'Obama Bear Market' Punishes Investors as Dow Slumps." Bloomberg's Eric Martin quoted lots of Wall Street insiders claiming Obama's agenda was driving the market down. That it was punishing investors and the new White House just didn't get The Street.

It was that Bloomberg article that legitimized the simplistic right-wing claim that Obama, in office for just a few weeks, was personally responsible for the Dow's decline; a Dow that had already fallen 6,000 points under Bush.

But since that hit piece, the stock market has rebounded strongly, capped off by yesterday's nearly 500-point rally. Still nothing though, from Bloomberg's Eric Martin about the 'Obama Bear Market.'

We'll continue to keep you posted and let you know when Bloomberg revisits the topic.

UPDATE: Turns out Bloomberg News' Eric Martin did write about the Obama rally, just hours before I posted this item. My apologies.