Bloomberg Host Calls Out Telecom CEO On Net Neutrality Stance

Host Cory Johnson: “You've Created One Of The Great Businesses In Telecom History On The Backbone Of This Open Internet”


Bloomberg TV co-host Cory Johnson called out the hypocrisy of activist telecommunications investor Jeff Pulver who misleadingly stoked fears that proponents of net neutrality advocate for regulations that would hamper telecommunications innovations. Johnson pointed out that without an open internet, the CEO might have been unable to create his own business.

Net neutrality, the basic principle that corporate internet providers should provide equal access to content for subscribers, has become a hotly debated issue among telecommunications conglomerates and internet service providers (ISP) who want to charge companies a premium for preferential access and speed for internet consumers. 

On the October 21 edition of Bloomberg West, Johnson and co-host Emily Chang invited Pulver, the founder of Vonage, to respond to net neutrality advocates like Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), who has called on Comcast to strengthen its commitment to net neutrality. Pulver accused net neutrality advocates of “bullying” and hyped fears that committing to neutrality would amount to onerous regulation of data and information services. Pulver also argued that regulating the telecommunications industry to ensure neutrality through Title II of the Communications Act of 1934 would lead to discrimination against businesses that seek to provide faster or more reliable access to certain data services and halt innovation.

But co-host Cory Johnson pointed out that Pulver himself benefitted from an open internet, explaining:

JOHNSON: This is really a political issue about philosophy, and whether or not you think that these businesses should have to carry services at their cost for the benefit of society or not. Even though you've created one of the great businesses in telecom history, on the backbone of this open internet, you're suggesting that there should be favored players on that, yes? Or is that unfair?