Media Matters' Cristina López explains "alt-right" lingo on PRI's The World in Words​

Media Matters' Cristina López explains "alt-right" lingo on PRI's The World in Words​


From the August 23 edition of PRI's The World in Words:

CRISTINA LÓPEZ: When Richard Spencer began gaining notoriety and it became fairly obvious that his views were not just far right but also ethnocentrist and white supremacist,  his image became a little too toxic. So an active effort to rebrand began but it was all PR because they were comfortable with his ideology at first. So I think a more accurate way to identify them is pro-Trump trolls because they largely operate online.


Deciphering the lingo of pro-Trump trolls


Media Matters’ Cristina López explains how the White House uses dog whistles to appeal to the "alt-right"

News outlets shouldn’t sugarcoat Trump’s calls for violence and hate

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Alt-right and pro-Trump trolls
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