Chris Cillizza's Reddit AMA was a delightful catastrophe

Chris Cillizza's Reddit AMA was a delightful catastrophe

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CNN’s Chris Cillizza took to Reddit to participate in one of the message board community’s “Ask me anything” (AMA) forums. The questions posed, if anything, demonstrated Cillizza’s unique ability to unite people in the consensus that his brand of optics-obsessed, fact-free, punditry-style journalism sucks and, in many instances, does a disservice to political reporting. Our favorite questions featured on Cillizza’s AMA did the following:

1. pointed out that his reporting favors “absurd horserace coverage that focuses on inside baseball to the exclusion of real working families” and is more “shallow” than informative.

2. accurately critiqued his extremely gonzo attempt at journalism.

3. questioned his obsessive focus on former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails.

4. used colorful descriptors of his work, such as “an insufferable hack.”

5. went meta.

6.  acknowledged the feet thing.

7. talked sports.

8. brought up the Ivanka thing.

9. addressed wages.

10. pointed out his similarities to another infamous bespectacled pundit.

11. showed concern for his judgment.

Chris Cillizza
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