Fox News Host Gretchen Carlson Voices Support For Assault Weapon Ban

Fox News Host Gretchen Carlson Voices Support For Assault Weapon Ban

Carlson: "There Is No Doubt That" Orlando Gunman "Was Able To Kill So Many People Because" He Used An Assault Weapon


From the June 14 edition of Fox New’s The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson:

GRETCHEN CARLSON (Host): Time now for my take. Every time we have a mass shooting we talk about guns right? Yes, the Orlando massacre was terror, but there is no doubt that Omar Mateen was able to kill so many people because he was firing an AR-15. A military-style assault weapon. A weapon easier to buy in the state of Florida than buying a handgun. Florida sets a three-day waiting period for purchasing handguns but the state mandates no waiting period for any gun that requires two hands to hold. President Obama and gun control advocates have repeatedly called for reinstating the federal ban on semi-automatic assault weapons that expired in 2004. Congress has said no. What do you think? A recent quinnipiac poll shows 58% of you support banning the sale of assault style weapons. Here's my question today. Do we need AR-15s to hunt and kill deer? Do we need them to protect our families? Yes, I'm in favor of people being able to carry. I think some of these mass shootings would have been less deadly if that were the case. But I'm also with the majority today taking a stand. Can't we hold true the sanctity of the second amendment while still having common sense? That brings us to our question of the day. Should congress reinstate the assault weapons ban? I know a lot of you aren't going to agree with me today. That's fine. That's what makes America great. 


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