All Three Major Cable Networks Ignore Clinton Speech To Air Entire Trump Press Conference

All Three Major Cable Networks Ignore Clinton Speech To Air Entire Trump Press Conference

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CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News networks all aired GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump's March 8 press conference live without interruption, while completely ignoring Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's speech which occurred at the same time.

Following the projected victories for Trump in the March 8 Mississippi and Michigan primaries, Trump held a press conference which, according to some media observers, was merely an extended "infomercial" for his line of products.

Although Clinton held a speech simultaneously to celebrate her victory in Mississippi, all three major cable news networks aired the Trump press conference without interruption. Media observers criticized the networks' decision, with some noting how "networks still don't have a cohesive answer for [why] ... they always carry Trump."

Trump has consistently received a disproportionate amount of airtime from the major networks. In February alone, Trump received more than six hours of airtime on Fox News, the most airtime any candidate has received in any month since Media Matters began tracking appearances in May 2015. Some news executives, including CBS executive chairman, president, and CEO Leslie Moonves, have openly cheered Trump's political ascent in the name of advertising dollars. Moonves said of the presidential election, "It may not be good for America, but it's damn good for CBS."

After over forty minutes of covering Trump's press conference, MSNBC subsequently aired Clinton's victory speech. CNN and Fox News, however have yet to air Clinton's speech.

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