After Being Banned From CNN, Roger Stone Is A No-Show For His Scheduled Fox News Appearance

After Being Banned From CNN, Roger Stone Is A No-Show For His Scheduled Fox News Appearance

Stone Has Missed Two Fox News Appearances In Two Days


Hours after CNN announced the network would stop booking regular guest and Donald Trump ally Roger Stone following an outburst of misogynistic and racist tweets directed at a CNN political contributor, Fox News scheduled Stone to appear on the network. But for the second day in a row, and without explanation, Stone was a no-show on Fox.

Stone failed to make his scheduled appearance on the February 22 edition of Fox's The Kelly File and was also a no-show to appear alongside Sean Hannity on the February 23 edition of Fox's Hannity.



Stone's absence on Hannity comes hours after a February 23 statement from CNN to Media Matters, in which CNN confirmed that Stone would "no longer appear on CNN." Stone's ban came after Media Matters highlighted his bigoted rhetoric towards Navarro, in which he called her a "pompous shithead," an "Entitled Diva Bitch," and suggested that "Black beans and rice didn't miss."

Stone's disappearance from scheduled appearances at Fox also follows Media Matters highlighting Stone's history of attacking Fox News personalities. Stone has tweeted about Fox host Megyn Kelly's "nice set of cans," mocked the paralyzed Fox contributor Charles Krauthammer by telling him to "stand the fuck up," described Fox contributor Herman Cain as a "Mandingo," and called Fox contributor Allen West an "arrogant know-it-all negro." 

The notorious "dirty trickster" Stone was a frequent guest on Fox, appearing on Fox News and Fox Business seven times in February, according to Media Matters research of live and recorded shows.


Media Matters searched Nexis and transcripts for Roger Stone's guest appearances on Fox News and Fox Business. Stone has appeared as recently as February 19 on Fox News' The Kelly File (2/192/102/1), February 19 on Fox News' Hannity (Fox News: 2/10), February 9 on Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight  (2/9), and February 22 on Fox Business' After the Bell  (2/222/17).

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