School Teachers With Valid Work Authorization Labeled As "Illegals" By Fox News

School Teachers With Valid Work Authorization Labeled As "Illegals" By Fox News

DREAMers Attacked With Anti-Immigrant Slur -- Again


Fox Deploys Racial Slur Against School Teachers

Fox News misleadingly slurred immigrants with legal permission to work in the United States as "illegals" during a segment highlighting attempts by disadvantaged school districts around the country to boost bilingual education initiatives.

On the April 6 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, co-host Steve Doocy introduced a headline news segment by falsely claiming that a nonprofit group is "hiring dozens of illegals to teach disadvantaged students." Doocy acknowledged just seconds later that the prospective teachers could "apply for a work permit and earn a reprieve from deportation under the DREAM Act," but still felt it appropriate to label them with the "illegals" slur commonly used by Fox News:

The segment, which alludes to an April 4 report by the Associated Press about the recruitment of DREAMers as bilingual educators, mirrors a similarly misleading and smear-filled segment featured on Fox & Friends nearly one year ago in which co-hosts Doocy and Brian Kilmeade questioned Denver Public Schools' hiring of so-called "illegal aliens." As was the case today, the teachers in question actually held legal employment authorization.

Fox has a long history of smearing immigrants with the "illegal" label, which reputable news agencies like The New York Times have abandoned because it is an offensive slur.

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