Fox News Ignores Climate Change On The Anniversary Of Hurricane Sandy

Fox News Ignores Climate Change On The Anniversary Of Hurricane Sandy

Promotes "Hurricane Slayer" Geoengineering To Reduce Ocean Temperature


On the second anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, Fox News promoted a plan called the "Hurricane Slayer," which works to cool ocean temperatures through geoengineering, without mentioning climate change or the role it played in exacerbating the devastating storm.

In late October 2012, Superstorm Sandy made landfall on the Atlantic seaboard bringing catastrophic damage and massive flooding exacerbated by rising sea levels due to global-warming. As global ocean temperatures continue to rise from man-made global warming, hurricanes are expected to become even more intense.

Fox made no mention of climate change or sea level rise during a segment on how to "lessen the impact of storms like Sandy" on the October 29 edition of Happening Now. Instead, Fox correspondent Doug Kennedy interviewed scientist Alan Blumberg about his plan to lower the intensity of future storms called the "Hurricane Slayer." Blumberg explained that his plan would use "tubular pumps" to bring cold water from deep in the ocean to cool the surface water and lessen the difference between ocean temperature and air temperature, which he explained is "key in lessening a [hurricane] wind's wrath":

But Fox's glaring omission of climate change as a contributing factor ignores experts who have made clear that global warming has intensified storms like Sandy.

Experts also explain that solutions to problems caused by catastrophic climate change such as the "slayer" are far more expensive than working to prevent and decrease man made climate change. A study from the International Institute for Environment and Development determined that costs of climate change adaptation have been significantly underestimated, and a U.N. climate panel determined that the price tag for adaptation will be hundreds of trillions of dollars worse if we don't drastically lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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