Idaho American Indian Tribe That Cancelled Nugent Concert Will Miss Out On His Vile Commentary

NRA's Nugent Recently Used Anti-Gay Slur To Describe Obama At Concert


After an American Indian tribe canceled a Ted Nugent concert because of his history of using racist language, recently posted footage of Nugent shows what else they're missing out on: the use of anti-gay slurs to attack President Obama.

The Coeur d'Alene Tribe had initially hired Nugent, a National Rifle Association board member and spokesman for the Outdoor Channel, to perform on August 4 at its Idaho casino. The tribe had been unaware of Nugent's background of racially inflammatory commentary until being contacted by the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch project, and it canceled the concert hours later.

In video posted online, Nugent is seen during his July 6 concert at River Road Ice House in New Braunfels, Texas, calling Obama a "piece of shit," a "cocksucker," and a "motherfucker." (Nugent had previously promised to stop name-calling following controversy over his characterization of Obama as a "subhuman mongrel.")

During an onstage rant, Nugent claimed he is "the number one man that the president hates more than anybody in the whole world" and added, "I must be a fucking angel, because the devil don't like my ass."

NUGENT: The most important thing about tonight, the most important thing maybe in life, the most important thing certainly on planet earth, is that you are in the presence of the number one man that the president hates more than anybody in the whole world. That's right. I piss that piece of shit off every day, and I don't even try. I scare that cocksucker, you know what I mean? He don't like Uncle Ted because I celebrate freedom. That motherfucker don't like freedom. He don't like Texas. He don't like liberty, that piece of shit. He hates Uncle Ted. I'm proud. I'm proud. I must be an angel; I must be a fucking angel, because the devil don't like my ass.

Controversy has surrounded Nugent's concerts since his "subhuman mongrel" remark about Obama. In March, the town of Longview, Texas, paid Nugent not to show up to a scheduled concert. His concert scheduled for July 22 in Montclair, New Jersey, is expected to be protested by local progressive groups.

Nugent's "subhuman mongrel" comment came into the national spotlight because of his campaign work with Republican Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, which generated significant negative attention for Abbott. In recent weeks, Nugent has offered his endorsement to Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Frank Riggs and fellow NRA board member Bob Barr, who is running for a House seat in Georgia as a Republican.

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