Beck: "Thought Police" Prevent Me From Saying 'Fag The New Nigger'

Beck: "Thought Police" Prevent Me From Saying 'Fag The New Nigger'

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Glenn Beck decried "thought police" for making it difficult to say "fag the new nigger," the title of a poster he featured on his web show. 

During the June 9 edition of Beck's The Blaze TV program, Beck invited anonymous street artist Sabo to discuss his work. In May, Sabo produced a widely-condemned "Abortion Barbie" poster to attack Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, depicting "a mostly-naked Barbie doll with a plastic baby in her belly."

The segment spotlighted a number of Sabo's other controversial posters, including one that read "FAG THE NEW NIGGER":

Discussing the poster, Sabo and Beck lamented that they couldn't use homophobic and racist slurs because "we live in such a politically correct society":

SABO: You know, it bothers me you can't say the name.

BECK: It bothers me. It bothers me.

SABO: I mean, we are such a politically correct environment that you can't even say "fag the new nigger." Why is that? It's a word.

BECK: I know that. But you know what the reality is.


BECK: It astounds me that the people who, my whole life, have accused me and people like me of being a Nazi, of trying to stifle speech and everything else - I don't care what you're saying. It doesn't bother me. It's not going to make me cower in fear and run away crying. However, they have now stifled everyone's speech to the point to where we're now getting down to thought police.

Sabo went on to lament that "the whites in general have been beat down so much" and compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler. 

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