Fox News Fawns Over NRA's Millennial Messenger Colion Noir

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Fox News promoted Colion Noir, the host of a new National Rifle Association web series that aims to promote guns to young people, with a fawning interview.

Noir's new program, which largely regurgitates NRA talking points for a millennial audience, has been widely mocked as what Gawker's Adam Weinstein terms "hilariously bad poser garbage."

In a May 20 interview on Fox & Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck termed Noir "really passionate," asking him "where does this come for you, the passion for the Second Amendment?" She offered up softball questions such as "will they succeed in silencing you, your critics?" Hasselbeck concluded the interview by promising, "we will continue to check you out there and all that you have to say with regard to our constitutional rights."

Fox News regularly provides a platform for gun misinformation from the NRA and its supporters.

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