Fox Refuses To Air President Obama's Equal Pay Signing Ceremony

Fox Refuses To Air President Obama's Equal Pay Signing Ceremony


On national Equal Pay Day, Fox News ignored President Obama's signing ceremony for new executive orders aimed to address the problem.

On April 8, President Obama signed into law two new executive orders to help alleviate the pay gap between men and women hired by federal contractors. The president hosted a ceremony at the White House featuring equal pay pioneer Lily Ledbetter.

Unlike MSNBC and CNN, however, Fox declined to air the ceremony. Happening Now co-host Jon Scott directed viewers to for coverage of the ceremony after he depicted it as merely political, "the Democrats think it is a political winning issue for them, that is why they are touting it right now." Fox ran a segment that reported on House Republicans' plans to "fix" Obamacare during the event: 

Fox's refusal to air the President's speech comes as the network continues to dismiss the issue. Fox hosts and contributors have repeatedly claimed that the pay gap between men and women either does not exist or is not particularly significant. 

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