Fox Doesn't Get Why Breaking Bad Star Supports Health Care Reform


Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston invoked the ire of Fox News on April 7 by praising the Affordable Care Act during a recent interview, saying President Obama's health care program "is fantastic" because "I don't think basic health care should be a privilege of the rich."

The co-hosts of Fox's The Five were confused by Cranston's support of the law and dismissed it as propaganda. As co-host Greg Gutfeld argued, "How weird is it that a guy who plays a dark, brooding anti-hero is really a puppet to the man. I mean, he just propagandized for President Obama."

Cranston's Breaking Bad character, Walter White, of course, famously resorted to cooking meth after a cancer diagnosis because his sub-par health insurance did not cover his treatment -- a predicament Walt might not have faced had he been covered under the Affordable Care Act.

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