Fox: Obama Can't Face Tough Interviewers Like O'Reilly (Who Interviewed Him Last Month)

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Obama and O'ReillyFox News is complaining that President Obama is unwilling to face tough interviewers like Bill O'Reilly, who interviewed Obama six weeks ago.

Responding to President Obama's interview on the comedy website Funny or Die, host Gregg Jarrett claimed that President Obama's "critics are saying, look, the reason he's going for the softball interviews is because he cannot defend the indefensible, which is why he's avoiding anyone who would ask tough questions" on the March 14 edition of Happening Now. Contributor Judy Miller replied that Obama doesn't want to take "tough questions" from Fox News White House contributor Ed Henry or O'Reilly, adding, "he doesn't want to face those people." 

Obama faced O'Reilly on February 2 for an interview. A portion of the interview aired live during pre-game coverage of the Super Bowl on Fox's broadcast network, while  other portions aired on O'Reilly's Fox News show. O'Reilly used the interview to push Obama on the phony scandals his network has promoted.  

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