Fox's Shep Smith Mocks Media Coverage Of Clinton Documents Release


While journalists examined thousands of newly released documents from the Clinton White House in search of salacious details, Fox News' Shepard Smith mocked the coverage as "beat-up-the-Clintons day again" before concluding that the documents show "Hillary didn't do anything."

On the February 28 edition of Shepard Smith Reporting, host Smith mocked "revelations" in newly released internal memos that Clinton aides attempted to "humanize" the former first lady, joking of the Clintons' critics, "Oh, my God, they may think they need to impeach them again." Some conservative outlets have attempted to to claim that the documents show that the "Clinton administration's strategy rested on using veterans as political "pawns" to bolster support for healthcare reform."

Today's release of 4,000 documents is the first in a series of releases of more than 30,000 pages from the Clinton White House, but Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace stated that "there's really no there there," predicting that "unless we see something a lot more incriminating than what we have seen so far, this will all be forgotten by the end of the weekend, maybe by the end of today":

Wallace attempted to equate the conservative reaction to the Clinton documents with reaction to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's recent scandal, but Smith was quick to point out that Christie, unlike Clinton, is involved in a real scandal, and the documents thus far show nothing more than how "she used the Internet to talk to women."

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