Fox's 'Nonpartisan' Doctor Arguing Against Health Care Reform Is An Anti-Obamacare Activist


Fox News veiled the anti-health care reform activism of a doctor who demonized health care reform, presenting her instead as a professional with "no political axe to grind."

On the February 5 edition of Fox News' Your World, Dr. Kris Held fear mongered over health care reform, smearing proponents as being on "Team Glitch." Host Neil Cavuto introduced Held by insisting that she has "no political axe to grind here, this is all about looking after your patients," never acknowledging the fact that Held is the co-founder of American Doctors 4 Truth, an organization whose sole mission is to repeal the Affordable Care Act.


Fox Hosts Anti-Obamacare Activist To Rehash False Claims About Mammogram Rationing

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