Fox News Forgets That Senator Cory Booker Exists

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Only African-American Senator?

In a segment criticizing comments made about Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), Fox News' The Five incorrectly pointed to him as the only African-American in the U.S. Senate, ignoring Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), who was elected in 2013.

On January 22, co-host Andrea Tantaros, in line with an on-screen graphic, stated that Tim Scott was the only African-American senator. The discussion was a response to comments made by North Carolina NAACP leader Rev. William Barber about Scott that drew fire from conservatives. 

But as Fox News should know, Cory Booker became a senator after winning an October 2013 special election in New Jersey. After Media Matters tweeted the incorrect Fox News statement, Booker retweeted it with the addition, "Whoops." 


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