Fox News Reporter Defends Duck Dynasty Star's Anti-Gay Comments

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Fox News Radio reporter Todd Starnes defended homophobic remarks made by a star of the A&E reality show Duck Dynasty, blasting "intolerant, anti-Christian," and "Anti-Straight" "haters" for deigning to criticize the comments.

In an interview with GQDuck Dynasty's Phil Robertson called homosexuality a sin, comparing it to bestiality and equating gay people with "drunks" and "terrorists." "It seems like, to me, a vagina - as a man - would be more desirable than a man's anus," Robertson told the magazine. The LGBT advocacy group GLAAD condemned Robertson's remarks as "vile." Starnes expressed outrage at criticism of Robertson's remarks, writing on Twitter:

Starnes is one of Fox News' most rabid purveyors of homophobia. He has urged fans to donate to anti-gay hate groups, endorsed anti-LGBT business discrimination, promoted the conspiracy theory that President Obama is secretly gay, and blamed "heterophobic bigots" for the withdrawal of an anti-gay pastor from Obama's inaugural ceremony. While Starnes is keen to malign supporters of LGBT equality as "intolerant" "bigots," his history of hateful commentary exposes his virulent bigotry. 

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