Fox Says No Comment On The Benghazi Hoax


According to The New York Times, Fox News has declined to comment on The Benghazi Hoax¸ Media Matters' new e-book that lays out Fox's attempt to use the attack on a diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, as a political weapon.

A post on the Times' Caucus blog highlighted plans to advertise the e-book on Fox's airwaves. According to the post, a spokeswoman for Fox did not respond to a request to comment on The Benghazi Hoax:

David Brock, who is the founder of Media Matters -- a liberal watchdog group -- and who is one of Mrs. [Hillary] Clinton's most ardent defenders, has written an e-book titled "The Benghazi Hoax." He plans to advertise it on the Fox News Channel, the outlet he says has been the most vocal in its criticism of the State Department's handling of the attack on the United States mission in Benghazi, Libya, last year that led to the death of four Americans, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state at the time.

The advertisement includes a montage of Fox News pundits weighing in on Benghazi. One calls it a scandal worse than Watergate. Another says, "The Democrats are very good at watching Americans die."

Mr. Brock then appears, with an American flag waving at the bottom of the screen. "We all agree that politicizing a terrorist attack crosses a line, but that's what Fox has done since tragedy struck in Benghazi," he says in the ad. "You, the Fox viewer, lose out when you don't get the facts, so we wrote a book about the Benghazi hoax. Get the facts for yourself."

A spokeswoman for Fox News did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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