Civil War: Fox Contributor Palin Demands Fox News Sunday Release GOP Names Attacking Cruz

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Fox News contributor Sarah Palin attacked Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace,demanding he release the names of Republicans who attempted to "trash" Senator Ted Cruz.

On Fox News Sunday, Wallace revealed that "I got unsolicited research, and questions" from "top Republicans" in order to "hammer" Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) who appeared on the program to promote his effort to defund Obamacare.

After Wallace's comments aired, Fox contributor Sarah Palin sent out a tweet calling on Fox News Sunday to "Keep it TRULY fair & balanced" and "Release the GOP names encouraging you to trash @SenTedCruz. No more anonymous sources."

Fox News hosts and contributors have repeatedly clashed over strategy surrounding the ongoing effort to defund Obamacare, with some describing it as "the right thing to do" while others have labeled advocates a "suicide caucus."

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