Limbaugh Rushes to Defend New York Times Against Charges Of Anti-Clinton Bias


Radio host Rush Limbaugh defended the New York Times after questions had been raised about the paper's bias in coverage of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative.

On the August 20 edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh criticized Media Matters and its founder David Brock for an open letter to the Times expressing "concern about a recent string of reports and columns from your publication that have done nothing but use false pretenses to cast a shadow on Bill and Hillary Clinton." Limbaugh defended the Times' coverage, claiming Media Matters exists "to lie, misrepresent, take out of context what happens in conservative media." Limbaugh went on to read portions of the letter, adding that doing so was "the most fun I've had."

President Bill Clinton recently clarified issues raised by an August 13 Times article and asked the paper for a clarification. Furthermore, The New York Times has fallen under scrutiny for assigning a full-time reporter to cover Hillary Clinton, despite the fact the 2016 presidential election is three years away and that she has not yet announced her intention to run for president.

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