Fox Hosts Limbaugh To Talk Immigration After Radio Host Rescinds Criticism Of Network

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A day after Rush Limbaugh walked back his criticism of Fox News and declared they were "on the same team," Fox hosted the conservative radio host and allowed him to opine on the subject of immigration reform -- a subject the network had previously avoided with Limbaugh.

On July 2, Limbaugh complained on his radio show that during an earlier interview on Fox & Friends, Fox had not allowed him to talk about immigration reform or the state of the Republican Party. Limbaugh said he requested to discuss the topic "three or four times" but the network was "not interested in bringing this subject up," which Limbaugh sniped was "quite telling."

The following week Limbaugh criticized the network again. When a radio caller complained about a liberal Fox contributor, Limbaugh told him to "stop watching these people"

On July 9, Limbaugh walked back his complaints of Fox, asserting, "I did not tell anybody to stop watching Fox" and stressing that there is no Fox News policy in place that censors him from discussing immigration. Limbaugh said that "this whole drummed-up thing between Fox and me" is "all B.S." He emphasized that he and Fox are "on the same team."

The next day, Fox's The Five hosted Rush Limbaugh via telephone to discuss immigration reform efforts, among other topics. The Five, which rarely features guests, allowed Limbaugh to discuss his opposition to immigration reform for nearly ten minutes.  

The nexus between Fox and Limbaugh is well-established. Fox News hosted Limbaugh a day after he thanked the network for defending his 2012 tirade against Sandra Fluke.

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