Fox's Bolling Trivializes The Economic Mobility Gap


In a discussion on the recent affirmative action case taken up by the Supreme Court, The Five Fox News co-host Eric Bolling claimed that a child born to a poor, drug-addicted mother has the same chance of success as one born to wealthier parents. In fact, a child's prospects are largely dependent on the income and education of his or her parents.

On the June 24 edition of The Five, co-host Bob Beckel asked co-host Eric Bolling if he believed a baby born to a crack addicted mother in Harlem will have the same opportunities in life as a baby born to a privileged white couple. Bolling responded, "Yes. You have equal opportunity to succeed."

According to The New York Times, children born to poor parents have far less access to healthcare, nutrition, and education than their wealthy counterparts, regardless of race.  Economic mobility in the United States is lower than in comparable nations, and 65 percent of those born in the bottom fifth of incomes stay in the bottom two-fifths. Similarly, a study by the Brookings Institute found that "only 6 percent of children born to parents with family income at the very bottom move to the very top," casting doubt on Bolling's assertion that equal opportunities exist regardless of socio-economic status.

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