Conservative Columnist Thinks Obama "Orchestrated" Benghazi Attack

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Conservative columnist Erik Rush thinks President Obama or his administration "orchestrated" the attacks on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi.

In a column for conspiracy website WND, Rush writes that he has "always leaned in the direction of the administration having orchestrated the attack for reasons of its own" because of the president's supposed connections "to the Muslim Brotherhood and legendary understanding of all things Islamic."

As Right Wing Watch points out, Rush cites the "unresolved Trinity United murders" as evidence that Obama could be capable of planning such an attack. This is the outlandish conservative conspiracy that President Obama or his associates murdered members of Obama's old Chicago church in order to conceal his supposed hidden homosexuality.

From Rush's May 8 column:

I suppose that depends on two things: One, what is revealed in the hearings, and two, whom one asks. I have always leaned in the direction of the administration having orchestrated the attack for reasons of its own - given his connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and legendary understanding of all things Islamic, it is possible that President Obama could even have arranged for the assault on the compound without the foreknowledge of his Cabinet.

A bold charge, to be sure, but I am operating with such questions as the unresolved Trinity United murders before me. Then there are the possibilities that the tragedy came about as the result of less grave criminal action or a series of irresponsible and craven decisions.

The burning question at present (and which may remain so for some time) is why efforts were not made to rescue the beleaguered staff at the facility and whether or not a stand-down order was given to military personnel in the area. If the latter becomes the case, then obviously we want to know who issued the order. Depending on the outcome, measures might be as severe as charges filed against Cabinet officials or the impeachment of Obama himself. While this president reasonably deserves to be occupying a cell in some federal penitentiary anyway, impeachment presents many troublesome aspects.

Rush recently made headlines for a "sarcastic" tweet he sent following the Boston Marathon bombings saying that all Muslims should be killed. Despite his history of outrageous commentary, Rush has made repeated appearances on Fox News, including several on Hannity (Rush has also appeared on Sean Hannity's radio program).

WND has a long history of publishing outrageous conspiracy theories. The site has been the main proponent of conspiracy theories about President Obama's birth certificate. More recently, WND columnist Bradlee Dean suggested the mass shooting in Newtown was staged in order to aid the passage of the UN Arms Trade Treaty. In addition to Rush, the site also publishes writers like NRA Board Member Ted Nugent and former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

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