Fox News Co-Host Uses Discussion Of Cultural Stereotypes To Promote Cultural Stereotypes


Fox - Barbie DollsFox News brushed aside criticism of Mattel's new Mexico Barbie doll, instead promoting cultural, anti-immigrant stereotypes.

Mattel recently released Mexico Barbie as part of Mattel's new "Dolls of the World" collection. According to its website, the doll is "dressed for a fabulous fiesta in her vibrant pink dress with ruffles, lace, and brightly colored ribbon accent." The doll, which comes with a "precious Chihuahua friend" and "a passport and sticker sheet to help record Barbie doll's travels," has attracted criticism for perpetuating racial sensitivity. ABC News reports:

While all the dolls in the collection come with a passport, some critics say Mexico Barbie is representative of cultural insensitivity, rather than an educational tool that "teaches girls about the culture, traditions and ancestral dress of Mexico," as described by Mattel on its website.

"It sounds to me like Mattel took some shortcuts," Jason Ruiz, a professor of American studies at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Ind., said. "The bright pink ribbons? A Chihuahua? That kind of stuff is so easy to use."

On the April 11 edition of America's Newsroom, Fox News co-host Julie Banderas briefly mentioned the controversy surrounding the doll, but dismissed its implications. Banderas used the doll's fake passport to promote an anti-immigrant stereotype, saying, "It's a faux passport so I hope she doesn't cross the borders illegally." Co-host Martha MacCallum added, "Good luck with that."

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