How Scott Brown Is A Reminder Of The Cozy Relationship Between Fox News, GOP


One of Scott Brown's first acts as a Fox News host was to build a segment entirely around a GOP press release, a continuation of Fox's long history of using Republican talking points to build their news.  

Brown, a Republican former Senator, served as guest host on the April 1 edition of The O'Reilly Factor, where he immediately focused on the National Republican Congressional Committee's "waste list," meant to detail areas of government's continued wasteful spending despite recent spending cuts and the closing of White House tours. Brown complained about a "dancing iPhone with robots," "snail sex research," and $1 million worth of puppet shows for kids.

Much of the spending detailed in the release was actually spent before the sequestration cuts went into effect, but that fact didn't make it into the No Spin Zone under Brown's watch. 

Scott Brown
The O'Reilly Factor
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