After Being Fired By Fox, Dick Morris Is Welcomed To CNN


Dick MorrisAfter Fox News officials confirmed that they were not renewing his contract, Dick Morris appeared on Piers Morgan's CNN show. Despite being faced by his numerous failed political predictions, Morris went on to discuss the future of the Republican Party and was invited back by Morgan to provide further analysis.

Morris appeared on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight to discuss, among other things, his split from Fox after nearly 15 years, which Morris described by saying that "the divorce isn't final, but I am seeing other people." Morgan began the interview by playing several clips of Morris predicting a landslide victory for Mitt Romney during the 2012 general election, asking if there was "any rational explanation for why you got it so wrong?" Morris began by attributing President Obama's victory to Hurricane Sandy before finally admitting that "I was wrong and I was wrong at the top of my lungs":

But Morris has been wrong about more than just Romney not winning the presidential election in a landslide. He predicted Republicans would win "10 seats in the Senate" in 2012, thought it was "very possible" that Obama would drop out of the race, and that Donald Trump would run and defeat Obama. In the 2008 election, Morris predicted the race would be between Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton, that the GOP would never nominate Sen. John McCain, and labeled Arkansas, a state McCain won by 20 points, "leaning Obama."

Morgan ended the interview by inviting Morris back to CNN, promising "we're not going to ban you or fire you." But in his tenure at Fox, Morris engaged in highly unethical behavior, such as using his Fox News platform to promote candidates and conservative causes that were paying him without disclosing the conflict of interest. Morris was reprimanded for fundraising for Republican causes by auctioning off tours of Fox News, and he used Fox's airwaves to promote his website and mailing list, which he later rented to conservative groups.

Dick Morris
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