Fox Nation Rains On "Disgraced" Fox News Contributor Sanford's Congressional Run


While former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford may have tried to rehabilitate his affair tarnished national image by working as a Fox News contributor, it appears he didn't win over his Fox Nation colleagues. The website highlighted a report of Sanford's upcoming announcement that he's running for Congress by labeling him the "Disgraced Former SC Gov. Mark Sanford."   

The original headline of the article Fox Nation linked to is "Report: Mark Sanford to Run for Congress."

Sanford had a tumultuous second term as governor that was marked by an affair and a subsequent ethics rebuke. During that time, Fox News personalities derided Sanford as a "serial liar," a "laughingstock," and an "early brain donor."

Still, Fox News hired Sanford as a contributor in October 2011 and The New York Times reported that Sanford was expected to "stay on with Fox even beyond the general election." Fox Nation highlighted the news of his hiring without any negativity: "Former SC Gov. Mark Sanford Hired By Fox News As Political Commentator Through 2012 Elections."

According to a search, Sanford most recently appeared as a Fox News contributor on the November 3 edition of America's Election HQ to discuss the upcoming election. His candidacy likely means the end of his Fox News employment.  


Shortly after the publication of this post, Fox Nation pulled its Sanford article. The original link now returns this error:

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