On Fox Business, McGuirk Defends Clinton Health Conspiracies: "The Clintons Reap What They Sow"

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On Fox Business, Bernard McGuirk is continuing to defend those who suggested that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faked illness to avoid testifying about the Benghazi attacks. The conspiracy theory was made repeatedly on Fox News and by McGuirk.

Conservative commentators who pushed Clinton health conspiracy theories have been roundly condemned in recent days after Clinton was hospitalized due to a "potentially 'life-threatening'" blood clot.

After Don Imus noted that McGuirk had previously "accused" Clinton of having a phony illness, producer McGuirk replied: "The Clintons reap what they sow. I mean, you can't fault us for being a little skeptical when something like this happens, but it turns out that it was legit." Later during the program, anchor Connell McShane noted that Clinton is expected to make a full recovery, prompting McGuirk to remark, "Does this mean she's not going to testify? ... It's a joke." He added, "You can't blame the skeptics, though. It's the Clintons."

From the January 2 edition of Fox Business' Imus in the Morning

On the December 18 edition of Imus in the Morning, McGuirk called the circumstances surrounding Clinton's "mysterious concussion" "very, very fishy" and suggested that she might be "trying to avoid these hearings." He later said the illness is a "very convenient thing ... No doctor reports, no hospital trip, you have a concussion and what, you just stay home and that's it?" Watch: 

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